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Any writing which utilizes logic and reason to show that one idea is more acceptable by the law than the other and changes the thinking pattern of the reader to undertake a particular action is known persuasive essay. When you are writing a persuasive essay, your facts and evidences should be backed with solid logic and concrete reasoning.

Good ideas for a persuasive essay:

  • After studying the topic you should decide which side of the issue you are going to write about (for the issue or against the issue). You have to be very clear as to why are you taking the chosen side of the topic.
  • You should have solid and convincing points which would turn your audience or make your audience follow what you think.
  • Outline the points that you wish to incorporate in your paper
  • You should have complete knowledge about your topic. That’s why selection of topic is very essential. The information you’ll provide should be specific, interesting and catchy!
  • You should plan how to present your essay by placing the right information at the right place weighing its importance.
  • It’s best if you support your points with valid evidence.

Persuasive essay ideas for middle school:

Middle school students can choose to write a persuasive essay by taking cue from their surroundings.

  • Class monitors are nominated by the class teachers and not by the students- a middle school student can write about his own point of view on this topic. Whether he/she is fine with the idea of teachers selecting their leader or they want to do it themselves.
  • Including a short break before the main break – students may feel that the gap between the first period and the recess time is too long. The students can write what would they prefer and why.
  • How you changed after entering middle school – you can write about your change of attitude as well as change of likes and dislikes. You can also write about your change of friends.
  • Role models can also be one of the key elements through which you can convince your classmates and convey amongst them the actual thoughts that you have for your role model.

Persuasive essay ideas for high school:

Every high School student has to write a persuasive essay once in their English classes.

  • Introduction of Smart Boards in Schools – you can start by writing the importance of Smart Boards in Educational Institutes today and how would this better your lives.
  • Water shortage in India – you can begin by writing the % of water which can be used for drinking. The cities which are facing the problem of water shortage. How did this all begin? The causes for water shortage in India. How to overcome this problem?
  • Measures to be taken to ensure there is no water shortage.
  • Misuse of mobile phones by teenagers – utility of mobile phones. How mobile crimes come up? Parental check needed/ not needed. Choice of friends. Capability to decide what fun is and what is not. Proper usage of cell phones. Solution to stop mobile crimes.
  • Effect of Media on Teenagers – The sources of media. How Media affects our lives. What are the channels through which we receive Media News? Your likes/dislikes about Media. Exposure of Teenagers to Media. Good/bad effects of Media. If you want, what would you like to change and why?

Persuasive essay ideas for college:

  • Pros and Cons of Adoption – your views regarding adoption. You can also cite real life stories or experiences of any.
  • Plastic surgeries: a way to become more beautiful, or someone’s unhealthy idea? – What is the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you think of Plastic Surgeries? With which motion would you want to go? Any incident or story which made you chance your way of thinking? Finally what is your idea?
  • Teachers should not interfere into the private lives of student- what are your views. How do you think a teacher should interact with his students? What are the short comings of the students? Why Teachers should/ should not interfere in students personal lives?
  • Insomnia – Define your topic. Why is it rampant nowadays amongst youngsters? What are its causes and symptoms? Has it affected your life? If yes, then how? How do you think this can be stopped? Would medical attention help? How? Your views.

These are some ideas for persuasive essay which can be useful for students at al levels.